Cléo Tabakian

Cléo Tabakian is a dance artist living in London ; currently studying 
at the Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (MA Dance professional pathway 
designed and hosted by Independant Dance). 
She is graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Paris (ENSBA) since 2014.
Her work is based on dancing and drawing as she considers those two activities as being intermingled. 
She also have a practice of making dance film which is a way to bring together images and movements.  
She received the Grant Colin-Lefrancq in 2012 to spend one year in Japan 
where she tooked part in a group exhibition in the Kyoto City Art Center. 
Cléo is developing her own choreographic work but is also collaborating with poets,
musicians and dancers. She performs solos in very different kind of venues since 2015.