Cléo Tabakian

Cléo Tabakian is a dance artist living in Brussels ; a graduate of the London Laban 
Conservatoire of Music and Dance (MA Dance Creative Practice designed and hosted 
by Independant Dance).
She first graduated at the Fine Art Academy of Paris (ENSBA) in 2014.
She works as a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher. She is particularly interested 
in the relation between movement and imagination and her work explores the
emergence/formation of kinaesthetic images. Her practice involves drawing, for it is an endless resource, informing her experience in many ways.
She received the Grant Colin-Lefrancq in 2012 to spend one year in Japan
where she took part in a group exhibition in the Kyoto City Art Center.
Cléo is developing her own work but also collaborates with composers, musicians,
poets and visual artists. She teaches children and has a strong interest in pedagogical 
approaches. Some of her teachers have inspired her greatly: Marina Rocco, Eva Karczag, Bettina Neuhaus, Kirsty Alexander, Gaby Agis and Lizzy Lequesne among others. She hopes, over time, to pay a tribute to their dedication.